This map depicts deforestation and other land-use changes during and following the long-running conflict in Colombia in relation to locations of conflict in the Andes-Amazon region. Credit: Paulo J. Murillo-Sandoval. Since the end of the long-running conflict in Colombia, large areas of forest have been rapidly converted to agricultural uses, […]

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Converting Central American tropical forests into agricultural land is changing the color and composition of natural material washing into nearby rivers, making it less likely to decompose before it reaches the ocean, a new Southampton-led study has shown. The flow of dissolved organic material, such as soil, […]

Amazon deforestation. Credit: Oregon State University A survey of more than 18,000 land parcels spanning 2 million square miles across 63 countries shows that a “protected area” designation reduces the rate of deforestation but does not prevent it. Published on February 11, 2021, in Nature Ecology and Evolution, the findings are […]

Swathes of forest continue to be flattened each year mainly due to industrial-scale agriculture More than 43 million hectares of forest—an area bigger than Germany—have been lost in a little over a decade in just a handful of deforestation hotspots, conservation organisation WWF said Wednesday. Swathes of forestcontinue to be flattened […]

Secondary forest in the Amazon Credit: Marizilda Cruppe/RAS Regrowing forests are absorbing just a small proportion of the carbon dioxide released from widespread deforestation in the Amazon, according to new evidence. Secondary forests—areas of new forest growing on land that has previously been deforested—form a key part of policies aiming […]

The ruins of an illegal gold mining site in a Yanomami reserve in the northern Amazon. Deforestation in Brazil is rising even in legally protected areas and Indigenous lands where criminals rarely ventured in the past. GUARDIAN/EYEVINE/REDUX Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has risen sharply in the past year—again. Estimates […]

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, pictured on May 6, 2020, faced scathing criticism in 2019 for initially downplaying Amazon wildfires Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro authorized the army Thursday to fight Amazon wildfires and deforestation, amid warnings the world’s biggest rainforest is disappearing even faster than during record devastation last year. The […]