A life-scene from 232 million years ago, during the Carnian Pluvial Episode after which dinosaurs took over. A large rauisuchian lurks in the background, while two species of dinosaurs stand in the foreground. Credit: Davide Bonadonna Huge volcanic eruptions 233 million years ago pumped carbon dioxide, methane and water vapour […]

Ultimately, this study provides overwhelming evidence that this Jurassic feather came from the ancient wing of flying dinosaur Archaeopteryx, reconstructed here in 3D. Credit: Ryan Carney A new study provides substantial evidence that the first fossil feather ever to be discovered does belong to the iconic Archaeopteryx, a bird-like dinosaur […]

Hollywood made the Dilophosaurus famous, depicting it as almost adorable little creature with a hidden, deadly twist. But a new study shows that it was a lot bigger and more powerful than scientists, or movie makers, previously thought. Credit: Brian Engh, commissioned by The Saint George Dinosaur Discovery Site From […]

Shutterstock/Author provided Perhaps the most iconic dinosaur is Tyrannosaurus rex, a massive predator that lived in what is now North America. We have now discovered that carnivorous dinosaurs of a similar size existed in ancient Australia as well. Following the footprints We learned about these carnivores by studying fossils that were discovered up […]

A Three-dimensional cross-section of the hydrothermal system in the Chicxulub impact crater and its seafloor vents. The system has the potential for harboring microbial life. Credit: Illustration by Victor O. Leshyk for the Lunar and Planetary Institute. A new study reveals the Chicxulub impact crater may have harbored a vast […]

Three-dimensional virtual reconstruction of the braincase of the ankylosaur Bissektipelta archibaldi. Bones are semi-transparent and the internal contents of the endocranial cavity are seen. Pink — inner ear, yellow — nerves, red — major arteries, blue — veins and small arteries, light blue — endocranial cast. Credit: Image provided by […]

In this artist’s depiction of wildlife from Alberta, Canada, 77 million years ago, the tyrannosaur Daspletosaurus hunts a young horned Spinops, while an adult Spinops tries to interfere and a Coronosaurus watches from a distance. Credit: Illustration by Julius Csotonyi Research finds leg length gave giant predatory dinosaurs the advantage […]