When it comes to finding exoplanets, size matters, but so does weight.  The larger and heavier the planet, the more likely they will be discovered by the current crop of telescopes.  Both the techniques to find exoplanets and the telescopes using those techniques are biased toward larger, heavier planets.  So […]

The Chapman’s pygmy chameleon is one of the world’s rarest chameleons. (Image credit: Krystal Tolley) The chameleon is just 2 inches long. Scientists have found one of the world’s rarest chameleons “clinging to survival” after fearing it had become extinct since its initial discovery in the 1990s because of massive deforestation, a new […]

Blocks from the Temple of Amun fell on the galley sinking the ship. The vessel was found beneath 5 meters (16.4 feet) of clay and blocks. A sophisticated sonar had to be used to find the vessel. (Image credit: Christoph Gerigk ©FranckGoddio/Hilti Foundation) Galley sunk when it was slammed with […]

By Peter Gray Ph.D.  Freedom to Learn Some doctors are prescribing gardening for stress disorders, instead of drugs. I’ve been vegetable gardening pretty much my whole adult life, so it’s fun to see research revealing its benefits. Perhaps you’ve read about the Blue Zones, areas of the world, described by […]

Albert Einsein Previously Unknown Letter Reveals Einstein’s Thinking on Bees, Birds and Physics The 1949 letter by the physicist and Nobel laureate discusses bees, birds, and whether new physics principles could come from studying animal senses. It’s a position still being realized within physics to this day, with a growing […]

Static skull, mandible, and parietal orthographic. Credit: Tel Aviv University Dramatic Discovery in Israeli Excavation The discovery of a new Homo group in this region, which resembles Pre-Neanderthal populations in Europe, challenges the prevailing hypothesis that Neanderthals originated from Europe, suggesting that at least some of the Neanderthals’ ancestors actually […]

Rutgers’ unexpected discovery challenges current theories on how galaxies grow and may enhance our understanding of the universe. Credit: Rutgers University-New Brunswick Surprising finding challenges current theories on how galaxies grow. Three dozen dwarf galaxies far from each other had a simultaneous “baby boom” of new stars, an unexpected discovery […]

The manuscripts include arias that were foundational in the history of opera — a genre that emerged in the early seventeenth century. Credit: Michel Garrett, Penn State In 1916 and 1917, a musician and book dealer named Giovanni Concina sold three ornately decorated seventeenth-century songbooks to a library in Venice, […]

A deer head and antlers can be seen in this image HISTORIC ENVIRONMENT SCOTLAND Prehistoric animal carvings thought to be thousands of years old have been found for the first time in Scotland. Historic Environment Scotland (HES) said the carvings – thought to be between 4,000 and 5,000 years old […]