A number of the larger roundhouses were burned down and the defensive enclosure cleared during the late First Century AD OXFORD ARCHAEOLOGY EAST The destruction of a “clearly high status” Iron Age village “may represent reprisals after the Boudiccan revolt”, an archaeologist has said. More than 17 roundhouses were discovered […]

Major Jesse Marcel, head intelligence officer at the Roswell Army Air Field, investigated and recovered some of the debris from the Roswell UFO site in 1947. (Image: © Universal History Archive/ Universal Images Group via Getty Images) A long-hidden diary belonging to a U.S. intelligence officer has rekindled research into […]

AP/Terrance Siemon The three recent appearances (and two subsequent removals) of “monoliths” in Romania, Utah and California are intriguing examples of what can capture the public’s imagination. These constructions are metallic-looking structures about three or four metres tall, with a simple geometric design and reflective surface. They’ll look familiar to fans of […]

Adult female and juvenile Popa langur (Trachypithecus popa) in the crater of Mount Popa, Myanmar. Credit: Thaung Win A new primate species dubbed the Popa langur has been discovered in Myanmar after years of extensive study, including analysis of a 100-year old specimen kept in the London Natural History Museum. […]

The RBC EXT8 globular cluster orbits the outskirts of the Andromeda Galaxy, a close companion to our Milky Way Galaxy, located 2.5 million light-years from Earth. Credit: ESASky/CFHT In a surprising discovery, astronomers using two Maunakea Observatories – W. M. Keck Observatory and Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) – have found a […]

An artist impression of the newly discovered extinct monk seal species. Credit: Illustration by Jaime Bran. Copyright_Museum of New Zealand Te Papa. An international team of biologists, led by Monash University, has discovered a new species of extinct monk seal from the Southern Hemisphere – describing it as the biggest […]