A bathymetric map showing SS Iron Crown on the sea floor. CSIRO, Author provided Finding shipwrecks isn’t easy – it’s a combination of survivor reports, excellent archival research, a highly skilled team, top equipment and some good old-fashioned luck. And that’s just what happened with the recent discovery of SS Iron […]

A sonar anomaly in the North Sea ended up being a 16th-century Dutch shipwreck. Credit: Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency Salvagers looking for steel shipping containers at the bottom of the North Sea have discovered a 500-year-old Dutch shipwreck holding a cargo of tons of copper. The searchers were using ship-borne sonar to […]

The granite coffin revealed three skeletons floating in sewer water (Courtesy of the Ministry of Antiquities) Since the announcement of its discovery earlier this month, the buried sarcophagus in Alexandria, Egypt, created a lot of speculation about who might be inside. Given the coffin’s large size and composition of granite, […]