For most of the human history of Australia, sea levels were much lower than they are today, and there was extra dry land where people lived. Archaeologists could only speculate about how people used those now-submerged lands, and whether any traces remain today. But in a study published today in PLOS […]

An analysis of the first large diamonds confirmed to come from deep under the Earth’s surface supports initial predictions showing that the Smithsonian’s famous Hope diamond may be “super deep,” originating from more than three times deeper in the Earth than most diamonds. It also suggests, in a new finding, […]

Light curves in the keV, GeV and TeV bands, and spectral evolution in the TeV band for GRB 190114C. Credit: MAGIC Collaboration, 2020. An international team of astronomers has detected a teraelectronvolt (TeV) emission from a gamma-ray burst designated GRB 190114C. The discovery could improve the understanding of very high […]

Credit: University of Queensland The world’s animal distribution map will need to be redrawn and textbooks updated, after researchers discovered the existence of “Australian’ species on Christmas Island. The University of Queensland’s Professor Jonathan Aitchison said the finding revises the long-held understanding of the location of one of biology and […]

Credit: Greg Harvie, Author provided On the night of January 9 2020, my wife and I secured our Kangaroo Island home and anxiously monitored the South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) website for bushfire advice. After many horrific weeks of bushfires, the winds had again shifted, and the fire front began a […]

A sharp-eyed collector spotted this translucent flint blade—crafted by hunter-gatherers about 8000 years ago—on a Dutch beach. MANON BRUININGA MONSTER, THE NETHERLANDS—On a clear, windy autumn afternoon last October, Willy van Wingerden spent a few free hours before work walking by the sea not far from the Dutch town of […]