Aerial view of the active vent and gas plume of Manam volcano, Papua New Guinea, from a fixed-wing drone at 2300 m altitude. Credit: Emma Liu/ABOVE Specially-adapted drones developed by a University College London-led international team have been gathering data from never-before-explored volcanoes that will enable local communities to better […]

The colours on the thermal image show the different surface temperatures – the brighter the colour, the warmer. Surfaces are cooler where water is available for plants and can evaporate. Credit: HyWa/BOKU For eight years, an area in Luxembourg measuring about 300 square kilometers was under special surveillance. Research groups […]

Reverse-engineering birdflight helped researchers create a powerful new kind of drone. Shutterstock We have developed four-winged bird-like robots, called ornithopters, that can take off and fly with the agility of swifts, hummingbirds and insects. We did this by reverse engineering the aerodynamics and biomechanics of these creatures. Our ornithopters have the […]

Rosie Bisset used specially-adapted drones to study the glaciers in the Andes ROSIE BISSET An Edinburgh university researcher has used drones to capture a bird’s-eye view of some of the highest glaciers in South America. Rosie Bisset is part of a project to map the Andes glaciers which are retreating […]

Skilled pilots approaching a runway usually can’t see small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) encroaching on their airspace, and they virtually never detect motionless drones, a newly published study shows. During an airborne human factors experiment, certificated pilots failed to see a common type of quadcopter during 28 of 40 close […]

A southern right whale surfaces in the clear waters off the coast of Península Valdés. Credit: Fredrik Christiansen, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies How do you weigh a living whale? The obvious response is very carefully, but scientists can’t exactly put these large marine mammals on a scale. Researchers from […]

Artwork: The “Space Drone” (yellow) would dock with the ageing telecommunications satellite (orange) EFFECTIVE SPACE UK-headquartered start-up Effective Space aims to put up its first satellite servicing “drones” in 2020. The company has announced an intent to contract with International Launch Services, which manages the commercial flights of the Russian Proton […]

The thermal infrared camera imagery taken by a drone operated by the Air Shepherd conservation group during a field demonstration. Credit: Air Shepherd Poachers illegally hunting elephants and rhinoceroses under the supposed cover of darkness may soon find themselves being tracked by “Predator” vision drones armed with artificial intelligence. The new AI system that […]