Ongoing drought has dried up a lagoon near Santiago, Chile. RODRIGO GARRIDO/REUTERS/NEWSCOM For 10 years, central Chile has been gripped by unrelenting drought. With 30% less rainfall than normal, verdant landscapes have withered, reservoirs are low, and more than 100,000 farm animals have died. The dry spell has lasted so […]

Rising temperatures in the northern polar cap are driving extreme heat, drought, and sea level rise in the continental US, a study says. PHOTOGRAPH: KATHERINE KERLIN/UC DAVIS As climate delegates discuss the planet’s future at the COP25 meeting in Madrid this week, a new study finds the Arctic is warming much faster […]

Dead almond trees in California’s Central Valley were one sign of an ongoing major drought in 2015. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson California’s recent 5-year drought was brutal: Houseboats sat on lakebeds, groundwater supplies dwindled, and thousands of fish literally baked to death. Scientists consider it the worst such event the Golden State has […]