James McSpiritt, an optomechanical engineer in Princeton University’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, adjusts an eddy covariance tower, a stationary device used to measure air pollution. The device allowed the researchers to collect data about methane emissions that they could compare to samples collected from the mobile laboratory. Credit: […]

Power station in South Africa. Credit: Therina Groenewald/Shutterstock As someone who has been working on climate change detection and its causes for over 20 years I was both surprised and not surprised that I was asked to write on this topic by The Conversation. For nearly allclimate scientists, the case is proven that humans […]

This is Lõimastu beach in Estonia. Credit: Tallinn University Agnes Anderson, doctoral student of the School of Natural Sciences and Health of Tallinn University, recently defended her doctoral dissertation, in which she explores how the changing climate and human influence change the aeolian coastal dune landscapes. The dissertation concluded that […]

A new study has estimated for the first time how the eruption of Mount Tambora changed the probability of the cold and wet European ‘year without a summer’ of 1816. It found that the observed cold conditions were almost impossible without the eruption, and the wet conditions would have been […]