Research from the University of Sheffield has revealed why some bird species take longer to develop than others Findings could help scientists predict how animals will adapt to climate breakdown and habitat destruction The study is the first to consider the importance of lifestyle, environment, evolutionary history, and body size […]

Regional changes in forest area relative to 2010 for forest carbon rental and carbon penalty scenarios. RCP 8.5 = very weak climate change policy; RCP 1.9 = very strong climate change policy. Credit: University of Maine Incentivizing both sequestration and avoidance of emissions— using a carbon rental or carbon tax […]

Brazil’s rich biodiversity is under attack from multiple fronts, including landowners who cut down multi-storied trees to make way for soya bean crops, clandestine miners who pollute rivers used by indigenous people, and timber traffickers who decimate valuable species Brazil is home to more than half of the world’s plant […]

The manipulator arm on the remotely operated, deep-sea vehicle Jason uses an Isobaric Gas-Tight (IGT) sampler to collect samples of fluids and microbes spewing from hydrothermal vents surrounded by a community of tubeworms at a site called “Crab Spa” on the East Pacific Rise. IGTs are designed to maintain the […]

 If offshore drilling increases, our deep sea ecosystems will suffer for it. Deposit Photos In early January, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke announced that more than 90 percent of the outer continental shelf in federal offshore areas is now available for offshore drilling exploration and development. In the official release, […]