A sea of private information is only accessible through an unbreakable lock that can only be opened by two fingerprints. Credit: © 2019 Andrea Fratalocchi Chaos could help put cyberhackers out of business with a patterned silicon chip that will be uncrackable even in the future. Confidential data—including credit card […]

Algorithm Quickly Simulates a Roll of Loaded Dice The fast and efficient generation of random numbers has long been an important challenge. For centuries, games of chance have relied on the roll of a die, the flip of a coin, or the shuffling of cards to bring some randomness into […]

Researchers at Princeton have discovered superconducting currents traveling along the outer edges of a superconductor with topological properties, suggesting a route to topological superconductivity that could be useful in future quantum computers. The superconductivity is represented by the black center of the diagram indicating no resistance to the current flow. […]

Broadband enhancement of the on-chip single photon extraction via tilted hyperbolic metamaterials. A quantum emitter is positioned very close to a hyperbolic metamaterial, whose optical axis is tilted with respect to the end facet of nanofiber. Credit: Lian Shen Investigators develop a quantum photonics prototype using hyperbolic metamaterials tilted at […]

The 3D printer developed at TU Graz melts metal powder using high-performance LED light sources and then processes it into components in additive manufacturing. Credit: © TU Graz LED instead of laser or electron beam. Selective LED-based melting (SLEDM) — i.e. the targeted melting of metal powder using high-power LED […]

A hydrogel can cool off electronics and generate electricity from their waste heat. Scale bar, 2 cm. Credit: Adapted from Nano Letters 2020, DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.0c00800 Using electronic devices for too long can cause them to overheat, which might slow them down, damage their components or even make them explode or […]

A focused laser is used to create thin films of tin dioxide. Credit: © 2020 Nakao et al. A clear semiconductor based on tin could improve solar power generation. Mobility is a key parameter for semiconductor performance and relates to how quickly and easily electrons can move inside a substance. […]

On this illustrated silicon chip (grey), electrical data (white) travels through the Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI) based electro-optical modulators, encoding electrical data into the optical domain by means of tunable plasmonic ITO-based phase shifters (golden patches atop both MZI sections) capable of operating at multiple wavelengths of light in the telecommunication-relevant […]

A look inside the Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE). This machine was used to grow nanowires with hexagonal silicon-germanium shells. The emission from this hexagonal-SiGe alloy showed to be very efficient and suitable to start producing an all-silicon laser. Credit: Nando Harmsen, TU/e Breakthrough after 50 years of work […]

The nanoscale terahertz wave generator can be implemented on flexible substrates. Credit: EPFL / POWERlab Researchers at EPFL have developed a nanodevice that operates more than 10 times faster than today’s fastest transistors, and about 100 times faster than the transistors you have on your computers. This new device enables […]