What goes in is not what comes out with a spatio-temporally modulated metasurface reflector. Credit: Los Alamos National Laboratory Electronically controlled 2-D reflector promises improved microwave communications, beam steering without moving pieces, and one-way microwave mirrors. Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory are reinventing the mirror, at least for microwaves, […]

The ultrathin arrayed camera. Credit: Professor Ki-Hun Jeong, KAIST Ultrathin but fully packaged high-resolution camera. The unique structures of biological vision systems in nature inspired scientists to design ultra-compact imaging systems. A research group led by Professor Ki-Hun Jeong have made an ultra-compact camera that captures high-contrast and high-resolution images. […]

Could there be a new kind of light in the universe? Since the late 19th century, scientists have understood that, when heated, all materials emit light in a predictable spectrum of wavelengths. Research published today in Nature Scientific Reports presents a material that emits light when heated that appears to exceed the limits […]

Researchers use a ferroelectric glass electrolyte within an electrochemical cell to create simple self-charging batteries. A new type of battery combines negative capacitance and negative resistance within the same cell, allowing the cell to self-charge without losing energy, which has important implications for long-term storage and improved output power for […]