Let there be light — and it was directional: The world’s first electrically powered Yagi-Uda antenna was built at the University of Würzburg’s Department of Physics. Credit: Department of Physics / JMU For the first time, physicists from the University of Würzburg have successfully converted electrical signals into photons and […]

An important part of the work has been conducted on one of the world’s most outstanding transmission electron microscopes, Arwen, at Linköping University. Credit: Magnus Johansson Transmorphic epitaxial growth of AlN nucleation layers on SiC substrates for high-breakdown thin GaN transistors. A new method to fit together layers of semiconductors […]

1000 single nano-tube transistors on a chip. Credit: Aalto University Scientists at Aalto University, Finland, and Nagoya University, Japan, have found a new way to make ultra-clean carbon nanotube transistors with superior semiconducting properties. Single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) have found many uses in electronics and new touch screen devices. Carbon […]

Researchers used nonlinear resonators to mold a circuit array whose function proved to be inherently robust against defects that would normally interrupt signal transmission. Credit: Advanced Science Research Center, GC/CUNY People are growing increasingly dependent on their mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices that help them navigate daily life. […]

Charge screening in ferroelectric Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 nanorods was used to control their domain pattern. The c-domain fraction markedly increased with as the rod width decreased, while the a-domain formation prevailed by metallization of their sidewall. All the observed results could be explained by the depolarizing field, arising from the imperfect charge […]


Smart cities will connect inhabitants with utilities, government and services. (svetikd/IStock.com) After championing smartphones, smartwatches and smart appliances, the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) annual flagship show is shifting its attention to how the internet of things will shape the cities we live in. According to research co-compiled by the CTA […]


A radio-frequency identification chip, known as RFID that can be used in many applications, such as identification tags, is seen on display at the RFID convention at the Coronado Springs Resort and Convention Center in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Tuesday, May 1, 2007. (AP / John Raoux) CARSON CITY, Nev. […]


Integrated circuit before (above) and after (below) testing in Venus atmospheric conditions. Credit: NASA A team of scientists at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland recently completed a technology demonstration that could enable new scientific missions to the surface of Venus. The team demonstrated the first prolonged operation of electronics […]