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In this photo taken August 14, 2008 and provided by John Calambokidis, a blue whale is shown near a cargo ship in the Santa Barbara Channel off the California coast. (AP Photo/John Calambokidis, Cascadia Research) PORTLAND, Maine — A group of marine scientists says collisions of whales and boats off […]


MARCH FOR SCIENCE ALMOST IMMEDIATELY AFTER the inauguration of Donald Trump, scientists and science-affiliated groups started talking about a March for Science. This weekend, it’s finally happening—and in aggregate, Saturday’s events may be the largest demonstration of scientists ever. Around the same time the central march in Washington, DC started […]


“You don’t have the option to say you don’t believe E=mc2. It’s true whether or not you believe it.” Neil deGrasse Tyson The U.S. grew from a “backwoods country” to one of “greatest nations the world has ever known” thanks to science — but that pillar of America is eroding, astrophysicist […]