Coastal region. Credit: Taylor & Francis A coastal zone management plan designed to safeguard Belize’s natural assets has produced a win-win opportunity for people and the environment, providing a valuable framework for other coastal nations around the world where overfishing, development, and habitat degradation are increasingly serious problems. The new […]


Deforestation throughout Central America’s remaining forests is threatening the survival of the jaguar and other iconic wildlife species. Credit: Levi Novey/USFWS. Central America’s largest remaining forests are disappearing at a precipitous rate due to illegal cattle ranching, oil palm plantations, and other human-related activities, all of which are putting local […]


(Credit: Don Debold) Scientists from the University of Adelaide in Australia and Lund University in Sweden have developed a machine vision system based on how dragonflies track their prey. The system, designed with autonomous vehicles in mind, takes inspiration from a neuron in dragonfly brains that anticipates movement. Known as CSTMD1, […]


Credit: nikkytok/Shutterstock What’s in your drinking water? Whether you’re wondering if your water is safe or just what that weird smell is, a new tool is now available that could help. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) released its new Tap Water Database today (July 26), a searchable database that allows […]


Staghorn corals (Acropora cervicornis) are propagated within underwater coral nurseries to create a sustainable source of corals for use in coral restoration activities (inset). Outplanted corals have similar survival and productivity values as wild colonies, thereby indicating that coral gardening methodologies are successful in creating healthy corals for restoration. Credit: […]