Credit: FEMA/Walt Jennings Worldwide, flood risk will continue to rise as cities grow larger and rainstorms become more intense, making conventional engineering insufficient as the sole approach to flood management.  “Natural and Nature-Based Flood Management: A Green Guide” released today by WWF, introduces an integrated framework for flood management, drawing […]


Lionfish on a mesophotic reef off Florida. Photo credit: Mike Echevarria, Florida Aquarium via NOAA In the last few decades, scientists have come to appreciate the incredible creatures living on the reefs that lie just below conventional diving limits in what is called the mesophotic zone. These incredible biodiversity hotspots are […]


Traditional taro pits can be used to grow nutritious vegetables for the entire household. Credit: Graham Lyons Around 70 percent of deaths in Pacific Island countries are due to diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer. We wanted to know whether it’s possible to reduce the alarming rates of […]