CMU and NOAA mobile laboratories, collecting data in downtown Pittsburgh. Credit: CMU College of Engineering Despite the prominent health threat posed by fine particulate pollution, fundamental aspects of its formation and evolution continue to elude scientists. This is true especially for the organic fraction of fine particles (also called aerosol), […]

This aerial photo of an ISU research farm shows plots where various crop rotations are grown. These plots provided data for a recently published study showing diversified cropping systems don’t consistently store carbon better than corn-soybean systems in Iowa. Credit: Matthew Liebman Integrating perennial crops into corn and soybean rotations […]

Australian sea lions (Neophoca cinerea) are one of the rarest pinnipeds in the world and they are declining. Jarrod Hodgson, CC BY-ND Australian sea lions are in trouble. Their population has never recovered from the impact of the commercial sealing that occurred mainly in the 19th century. Currently, the Australian sea […]

Koalas on Australia’s Kangaroo Island have been hit hard by the bushfires On an island famed as Australia’s “Galapagos” for its unique and abundant wildlife, rescuers are racing to save rare animals in a bushfire-ravaged landscape. The charred forest floor on Kangaroo Island is littered with corpses of animalsincinerated by the […]