A deer head and antlers can be seen in this image HISTORIC ENVIRONMENT SCOTLAND Prehistoric animal carvings thought to be thousands of years old have been found for the first time in Scotland. Historic Environment Scotland (HES) said the carvings – thought to be between 4,000 and 5,000 years old […]

National Library of Australia: 31258061 The new Netflix series Shadow and Bone opens with cartographer Alina Starkov crammed into the back of a rumbling wagon, sketching a war-torn landscape. A flashback to her childhood in an orphanage shows her looking at a map of a conflict zone. A guardian tells […]

On board the German research vessel Sonne off the coast of Chile, ready to take samples from 8 kilometers depth in the Atacama Trench system. Credit: Anni Glud, SDU A newly released scientific paper in Nature Publishing’s Scientific Reports Journal has revealed unprecedented amounts of highly toxic mercury are deposited in the […]

Regional map showing the location of Anak Krakatau. Credit: National Oceanography Centre and British Geological Survey For the first time, scientists have been able to study the deposits of a volcanic island landslide-tsunami immediately after the incident with the benefit of modern acoustic equipment. Dr James Hunt from the National […]