View of the landscape from the BR163 highway, near Santarem, Para state, Brazil, in the Amazon rainforest in 2019 Deforestation in the Amazon rainforest in northern Brazil soared 85 percent in 2019, compared with the previous year, official data showed Tuesday. The 9,166 square kilometers (3,539 square miles) cleared was the highest […]

Thomas L. Pratt, a scientist with the United States Geological Survey, changes data cards in earthquake monitoring and recording equipment amid aftershocks across the island’s southern coast where recent quakes have toppled homes and schools in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020. The seismic activity that experts say is […]

Used in refrigeration and HVAC systems around the world, current cooling technology has plateaued in both efficiency and environmental impact. An international research team led by the University of Maryland has developed a novel elastocaloric cooling material that is highly efficient, eco-friendly and easily scaled-up for commercial use. The researchers […]

The Arctic region is heating up faster than any other place on Earth, and as more and more sea ice is lost every year, we are already feeling the impacts. IIASAresearchers explored strategies for cooling down the oceans in a world without this important cooling mechanism. Scientists estimate that summer sea […]

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The world’s oceans were the hottest in recorded history in 2019, scientists said on Tuesday, as manmade emissions warmed seas at an ever-increasing rate with potentially disastrous impacts on Earth’s climate. Oceans absorb more than 90 percent of excess heat created by greenhouse gas emissions and quantifying how much they […]

A column of ash surrounds the crater of Taal Volcano as it erupts on Jan. 12, 2020, with lightning in the background, as seen from Tagaytay city, in the Philippines. (Image: © Ezra Acayan/Getty Images) A volcano in a densely populated part of the Philippines has started to belch clouds […]