Svalbard is known for its polar bears, which a recent study predicts could all but disappear within the span of a human lifetime due to the Climate change Norway’s Arctic archipelago Svalbard on Saturday recorded its highest-ever temperature, the country’s meteorological institute reported. According to scientific study, global warmingin the Arctic […]

Chiquihuite Cave in Mexico. Devlin A. Gandy, Author provided Humans lived in what is now Mexico up to 33,000 years ago and may have settled the Americas by travelling along the Pacific coast, according to two studies by myself and colleagues published today. It has been commonly believed that the first […]

Credit: CC0 Public Domain California beat President Donald Trump’s efforts to water down its signature climate-change initiative, a market-based program that’s designed to reduce carbon emissions. A federal judge in Sacramento on Friday dismissed a lawsuit the Trump administration filed challenging California’s cap-and-trade program, which requires hundreds of businesses to […]

Campaigners are concerned about pedestrian safety standards for US vehicles GETTY IMAGES Safety experts are urging the UK government to exclude American cars from any post-Brexit trade deal. They say imported vehicles should meet British safety standards for accidents with pedestrians, cyclists and children. UK PM Boris Johnson has indicated […]

A visualization of global methane on January 26, 2018. Red shows areas with higher concentrations of methane in the atmosphere. Credit: Cindy Starr, Kel Elkins, Greg Shirah and Trent L. Schindler, NASA Scientific Visualization Studio Global emissions of methane have reached the highest levels on record. Increases are being driven […]