Coordinated behavior is common in a variety of biological systems, such as insect swarms, fish schools, and bacterial colonies. But the way information is spread and decisions are made in such systems is difficult to understand. A group of researchers from Southeast University and China University of Mining and Technology […]

The chanchita, Cichlasoma dimerus, is a subtropical species native to southern South America. For at least 20 years, it has also made its home in Central Florida waters, where it was misidentified as a similar-looking invasive fish, the black acara. Credit: Ryan Crutchfield/ Sometimes scientists make mistakes. Case in point […]

Hawaii’s island Maui won’t be drowning anytime soon. (Image: © Shutterstock) Just like zits, volcanic islands don’t last forever. Some are oldtimers, like the more than 20-million-year-old Canary Islands in the Atlantic, while others have already drowned, like some of the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific. Why do some islands […]