On board the German research vessel Sonne off the coast of Chile, ready to take samples from 8 kilometers depth in the Atacama Trench system. Credit: Anni Glud, SDU A newly released scientific paper in Nature Publishing’s Scientific Reports Journal has revealed unprecedented amounts of highly toxic mercury are deposited in the […]

Regional map showing the location of Anak Krakatau. Credit: National Oceanography Centre and British Geological Survey For the first time, scientists have been able to study the deposits of a volcanic island landslide-tsunami immediately after the incident with the benefit of modern acoustic equipment. Dr James Hunt from the National […]

Credit: National Oceanography Centre Engineers from the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) are set to trial new, state-of-the-art robot submarines in Loch Ness to pave the way for safer and more cost-efficient offshore operations. The latest phase of Oceanids—a programme with several industry partnerships which aims to put the UK at […]

The frequency and intensity of heat waves in cities is increasing due to climate change, with a great negative impact on the health and mortality rates of the population. Anthropogenic activities and urban materials affect heat accumulation in cities, and solar radiation stored throughout the day on asphalt and buildings […]

Activists fear time is running out to save what they call Europe’s last major “wild river” Cutting into craggy mountains, meandering through plains and eventually hitting Albania’s shimmering Adriatic, the Vjosa river’s untouched landscapes are a national treasure, but one that is under imminent threat. Activists feel that time is […]

Credit: Shutterstock Nature-based solutions (NbS) can contribute to the fight against climate change up to the end of our century, according to new Oxford research in the leading scientific journal Nature. The analysis suggests that, to limit global temperature rise, we must slash emissions and increase NbS investment to protect, manage […]