Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Any uptake in electric vehicle use must be mirrored by the development of clean energy grids to mitigate both climate change and air pollution. That is the key finding of a new study by researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California, and Stanford University, California. […]

Adam Kucharski wrote The Rules of Contagion before Covid-19. He talks about misinformation, bank failures, and coming up with hypotheses during a crisis. PHOTOGRAPH: PAUL LINSE/GETTY IMAGES ADAM KUCHARSKI DIDN’T expect to publish a book about contagion in the middle of a global pandemic. But consider him less surprised than the rest of […]

LLNL scientists and collaborators used fingerprinting — the process of separating the relative roles of natural and human influences on global climate — to identify how greenhouse gas and particulate pollution emissions drive regional drying around the globe. Credit: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Despite devastating impacts of drought on human […]

New research from NUI Galway and the University of Limerick has for the first time quantified the volume of plastic from European countries (EU, UK, Switzerland and Norway) that contributes to ocean littering from exported recycling. Credit: Shutterstock/NUI Galway Study Finds That Plastic Recycling From Europe Being Dumped in Asian […]