The headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C. ROB CRANDALL/ALAMY STOCK PHOTO Originally published by E&E News In a stinging rebuke of the Trump administration’s handling of science, an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advisory panel has found major shortcomings in the agency’s pursuit of key regulatory rollbacks. The […]

Ongoing drought has dried up a lagoon near Santiago, Chile. RODRIGO GARRIDO/REUTERS/NEWSCOM For 10 years, central Chile has been gripped by unrelenting drought. With 30% less rainfall than normal, verdant landscapes have withered, reservoirs are low, and more than 100,000 farm animals have died. The dry spell has lasted so […]

In Japan, vertical farming is taking offing as traditional methods face a double threat from the ageing population and migration towards the cities The nondescript building on an industrial site near Kyoto gives little hint to the productivity inside: 30,000 heads of lettuce grow here daily, under artificial light and […]

Plastics are essential for making many different components of electronic and electrical products, including phones, computers, TVs, vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, and household appliances. About 20% of all materials in electronic and electrical equipment is plastic. Credit: PolyCE Consumers asked to favor electronic products containing recycled plastics; firms to build recycled […]