Neptune and Uranus are the outermost two planets of our solar system and two gas giants. Credit: NASA Uranus and Neptune both have a completely skewed magnetic field, perhaps due to the planets’ special inner structures. But new experiments by ETH Zurich researchers now show that the mystery remains unsolved. The two large […]

An international research team with members from ETH has developed a new method for directly imaging smaller planets in the habitable zone of a neighboring star system. This opens up new possibilities in the search for extraterrestrial life. In the search for planets capable of sustaining life, an international research […]

DNA synthesis can be used to generate true random numbers. Credit: Isabelle Benz ETH scientists have generated a huge true random number using DNAsynthesis. It is the first time that a number of this magnitude has been created by biochemical means. True random numbers are required in fields as diverse as […]

An artistic illustration of Earth today and 4.5 billion years ago. Credit: Tobias Stierli / NCCR PlanetS A team of international scientists led by ETH researcher Paolo Sossi has gained new insights into Earth’s atmosphere of 4.5 billion years ago. Their results have implications for the possible origins of life […]