The remains recovered from the cave complex include the earliest example of Homo erectus – a direct human ancestor Science Two million years ago, three different human-like species were living side-by-side in South Africa, a study shows. The findings underline a growing understanding that the present-day situation, where one human […]

The original complete skull (without mandible) of a 1,8 million years old Paranthropus robustus (SK-48 Swartkrans (26°00’S 27°45’E), Gauteng,), discovered in South Africa. Collection of the Transvaal Museum, Northern Flagship Institute, Pretoria South Africa. Credit: Ditsong National Museum of Natural History, CC BY-SA 4.0 A new study led by Kent has found […]

Biologist Kenneth M. Olsen tends rice in the Jeanette Goldfarb Plant Growth Facility at Washington University in St. Louis. Credit: Joe Angeles/Washington University A new global study reveals the extent to which high-yielding rice varieties favored in the decades since the “Green Revolution” have a propensity to go feral, turning […]

This new fossil specimen of the worm Utahscolex ratcliffei helped University of Kansas graduate student Anna Whitaker solve a 50-year-old marine-worm mystery. This specimen preserves the everted mouthparts (upper left). The body of the worm is covered of rows of tiny round plates, which were used to redescribe the species. […]

This image shows a fold (shape) that may have been one of the earliest proteins in the evolution of metabolism. Credit: Vikas Nanda/Rutgers University Rutgers researchers retraced the evolution of enzymes over billions of years. Rutgers researchers have discovered the origins of the protein structures responsible for metabolism: simple molecules […]

The rock is composed mainly of the mineral olivine. These oldest preserved mantle rocks of the Earth provide new evidence that water and other elements necessary for life, like carbon and nitrogen, were only supplied to Earth very late. Credit: Julia van de Löcht, University of Cologne Arrival delayed! Water, […]

Cuttlefish wearing red and blue glasses. Credit: R. Feord / University of Minnesota 3D movies reveal how cuttlefish determine distance when striking at prey. While cuttlefish wearing glasses is an unexpected sight, a University of Minnesota-led research team built an underwater theater and equipped the cephalopods with specialized 3D glasses […]

Is life a game of chance? To help answer one of the great existential questions — how did life begin? — a new study combines biological and cosmological models. Professor Tomonori Totani from the Department of Astronomy looked at how life’s building blocks could spontaneously form in the universe — […]