Ongoing drought has dried up a lagoon near Santiago, Chile. RODRIGO GARRIDO/REUTERS/NEWSCOM For 10 years, central Chile has been gripped by unrelenting drought. With 30% less rainfall than normal, verdant landscapes have withered, reservoirs are low, and more than 100,000 farm animals have died. The dry spell has lasted so […]

Rising temperatures in the northern polar cap are driving extreme heat, drought, and sea level rise in the continental US, a study says. PHOTOGRAPH: KATHERINE KERLIN/UC DAVIS As climate delegates discuss the planet’s future at the COP25 meeting in Madrid this week, a new study finds the Arctic is warming much faster […]

A firestorm on Mirror Plateaun Yellowstone Park, 1988. Jim Peaco/US National Park Service As the east coast bushfire crisis unfolds, New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Rural Fire Service operational officer Brett Taylor have each warned residents bushfires can create their own weather systems. This is not just a figure of […]

Hurricane Florence battered the US East Coast last year NOAA Using nuclear weapons to destroy hurricanes is not a good idea, a US scientific agency has said, following reports that President Donald Trump wanted to explore the option. The Axios news website said Mr Trump had asked several national security officials […]

Flooded streets after Hurricane Sandy show the damage that can occur in vulnerable coastal areas. We should plan for the inevitable and strategically retreat from such vulnerable coastal communities now, scientists argue in a new paper. (Image: © jonathansloane/Getty) As many as 1 billion people are expected to be forced out of […]

GETTY IMAGES The speed and extent of current global heating exceeds any similar event in the past 2,000 years, researchers say. They show that famous historic events like the “Little Ice Age” don’t compare with the scale of warming seen over the last century. The research suggests that the current warming rate […]