CHRIS MACHIAN/OMAHA WORLD-HERALD/AP PHOTO Call Dorothy—the formation of tornadoes has been knocked on its head. New measurements from tornadoes in Oklahoma and Kansas suggest these storms’ swirling winds first develop near the ground. That’s contrary to the long-accepted theory that tornado winds are born several kilometers up in clouds and only […]

Credit: CC0 Public Domain People living in Kansas, Nebraska and other states in the Plains are no strangers to tornadoes and hail storms—among the most costly and dangerous severe weather threats in the United States. Meteorologists and computer models do a good job forecasting severe thunderstorm activity up to a […]

Super typhoon HaiyanCredit: NASA Earth Observatory Changes to the uppermost layer of Earth’s oceans due to rising temperatures are likely causing an increase in intense Pacific Ocean typhoons, suggesting strong typhoons may occur more frequently than scientists project in the coming decades, according to new research. The surface layer of […]

The GOES East satellite captured this image of Hurricane Florence at 10 a.m. ET Monday, showing the then-Category 3 storm in the western Atlantic. Credit: NOAA Updated at 8:21 a.m. ET, Wednesday (Sept. 12). Hurricane Florence, packing maximum sustained winds of 130 mph (215 km/h), is getting bigger and better organized […]

STEVE APPS/WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL/AP AN ENTIRE SUMMER’S worth of rain has fallen across a broad swath of the Midwest in recent days. The resulting record floods have wrecked homes and altered the paths of rivers, in one case destroying a waterfall in Minnesota. The worst-affected region, southwest Wisconsin, has received more than […]