Credit: CC0 Public Domain A rupture along the full length of the fast-slipping Alpine Fault on New Zealand’s South Island poses the largest potential seismic threat to the southern and central parts of the country. But new evidence of a 19th century earthquake indicates that in at least one portion […]

Researchers found curved slickenlines at nine exposures of the Kekerengu fault in New Zealand. KATE CLARK/GNS SCIENCE Many of the world’s most dangerous earthquake faults are a silent menace: They have not ruptured in more than a century. To gauge the hazard they pose to buildings and people, geologists cannot […]

Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand. Credit: Vaido Otsar Running through the heart of New Zealand’s glacier country is the infamous Alpine Fault. The 600 kilometer-long (370 mile) faultline on the boundary of the Eurasian and Pacific tectonic plates beneath the country’s South Island produces infrequent but significant earthquakes. In the line […]

Credit: McGill University A new study led by McGill University has found that tectonic plates beneath the Earth’s surface can show varying degrees of roughness and could help explain why certain earthquakes are stronger than others. Earthquakes happen when the rocks beneath the Earth’s surface break along geological fault lines and slide […]

Map of the Rose Canyon fault zone (RCFZ) through San Diego (SD), California (USA) and across the San Diego Bay pull-apart basin. Grid shows population count per grid cell (~1 km2) (source: LandScan 2017, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, UT-Battelle LLC, DF–Descanso fault; SBF–Spanish Bight fault; CF–Coronado fault; SSF–Silver Strand […]

(Image: © Shutterstock) A series of major earthquakes shook Southern California in July and placed strain on a nearby fault that has been quiet for about 500 years, according to a new study. And that once-quiescent fault could trigger a magnitude 7.8 temblor, the authors noted. The Garlock fault traces the northern […]

Detailed mapping indicates the World Heritage Site’s location and layout were dictated by the underlying geological faults. Photo taken 5 Nov. 2010. Credit: Rualdo Menegat The ancient Incan sanctuary of Machu Picchu is considered one of humanity’s greatest architectural achievements. Built in a remote Andean setting atop a narrow ridge […]

Aerial view of the New River, Imperial Valley, and Salton Sea, Imperial County, California New mechanical modeling of a network of active strike-slip faults in California’s Imperial Valley suggests the faults are continuously linked, from the southern San Andreas Fault through the Imperial Fault to the Cerro Prieto fault further […]