Researchers identify ultra-fast gas flows through atomic-scale apertures in 2D membrane and validate a century-old equation of fluid dynamics. Credit: N Hassani & M N-Amal, Shahid Rajee University Researchers from the National Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester and the University of Pennsylvania identify ultra-fast gas flows through atomic-scale […]

Fluids that heat or cool surfaces make a transition from a smooth flow to a mixing, turbulent flow. A new MIT analysis shows the importance of the transition region to heat flow and temperature control. Credit: Courtesy of the researchers, edited by MIT News Understanding How Fluids Heat or Cool […]

This visualization shows the Gulf Stream’s sea surface currents and temperatures. Credit: MIT/JPL project entitled Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean, Phase II (ECCO2) Staring into the vortex: MIT researchers describe factors governing how oceans and atmospheres move heat around on Earth and other planetary bodies. Imagine a massive mug […]