Researchers identify ultra-fast gas flows through atomic-scale apertures in 2D membrane and validate a century-old equation of fluid dynamics. Credit: N Hassani & M N-Amal, Shahid Rajee University Researchers from the National Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester and the University of Pennsylvania identify ultra-fast gas flows through atomic-scale […]

What makes ships mysteriously slow down or even stop as they travel, even though their engines are working properly? This was first observed in 1893 and was described experimentally in 1904 without all the secrets of this “dead water” being understood. An interdisciplinary team from the CNRS and the University […]

Fluids that heat or cool surfaces make a transition from a smooth flow to a mixing, turbulent flow. A new MIT analysis shows the importance of the transition region to heat flow and temperature control. Credit: Courtesy of the researchers, edited by MIT News Understanding How Fluids Heat or Cool […]