Credit: Duke University Would the world stop drinking Coca-Cola if it no longer came in single-use plastic bottles? They might, Coca-Cola’s Chief Sustainability Officer Beatriz Perez suggested at the World Economic Forum earlier this year: Coca-Cola “won’t be in business if we don’t accommodate customers,” she said. But Professor Dan […]

Bees visit pollinator-independent almond blossoms. Credit: Drs. Saez and Negri Pollination by bees is vital even when crops are assumed to be pollinator independent. That’s according to a study co-authored by Ethel Villalobos, a researcher in the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources Department of Plant […]

(Image: © Shutterstock) People with obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure or high cholesterol are often advised to eat less and move more, but our new research suggeststhere is now another simple tool to fight off these diseases: restricting your eating time to a daily 10-hour window. Studies done in mice and fruit flies suggest that […]

Mytilus trossulus in West Vancouver, Canada. Credit: Annette F Muttray Scientists have found a type of transmissible cancer in shellfish that has spread across the Atlantic Ocean and even into the Pacific. The new study was published in eLife. The Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) Newsroom interviewed Stephen Goff, PhD, an expert in […]