Credit: CC0 Public Domain When thinking about ways to end global hunger, many scholars focus too narrowly on increasing crop yields while overlooking other critical aspects of the food system. That’s one conclusion from a University of Michigan-led research team that reviewed recent scholarly papers discussing the United Nations goal […]

Coca-Cola funds health research at universities. But a new study shows this spending has a dark side. (Credit: Shutterstock) Coca-Cola has poured millions of dollars into scientific research at universities. But if the beverage giant doesn’t like what scientists find, the company has the power to make sure that their research never […]

To help draw bees’ attention, flowers that are pollinated by bees have typically evolved to send very strong colour signals. Shutterstock Walking through our gardens in Australia, we may not realise that buzzing around us is one of our greatest natural resources. Bees are responsible for pollinating about a third […]