Indonesia’s huge palm oil industry bears the brunt of the blame for the out-of-control blazes, critics say Forest fires raging across Indonesia have sent air quality levels across Southeast Asia plummeting as they belch out emissions that aggravate global warming. The country’s palm oilindustry bears much of the blame for the […]

Satellite view of California and Oregon on July 23, 2018. Smoke from the Ferguson Fire near Yosemite National Park is visible in the lower right quadrant. Another sprawling smoke pall can be seen in southern Oregon at upper left. (Click to open the image and then click again to zoom in. […]

Regrowth after a high-severity forest fire. The past three decades of science that has found fires, including large high-severity fires, are an ecologically essential part of forest ecosystems and create highly biodiverse wildlife habitat. Credit: Chad Hanson A team of fire ecologists released a report this week titled “Everything You […]