Progressive water stress on California’s forests. Credit: Courtesy of Greg Asner. Full image California’s forests are home to the planet’s oldest, tallest and most-massive trees. New research from Carnegie’s Greg Asner and his team reveals that up to 58 million large trees in California experienced severe canopy water loss between […]


Fragmented forests in Myanmar suffer reduced carbon storage capacity following deforestation for roads, timber or agriculture. Credit: Lisa Mandle Scientists have been significantly overestimating the amount of carbon stored in the world’s tropical forests, a new study reports. World leaders and climate scientists use carbon storage estimates to devise carbon […]


Jodi Brandt, a former postdoctoral researcher at Dartmouth College and now an assistant professor at Boise State University, and her colleagues show that policies aimed at protecting tropical forests in the Congo Basin may unexpectedly lead to increased deforestation and timber production. Credit: Jodi Brandt New research by a Dartmouth […]