A power drill helps a researcher extract a core from a tree included in the GenTree project. MEHDI PRINGARBE/INRA AVIGNON Faced with deforestation, climate change, invasive pests, and new diseases, many trees are in trouble. Foresters and conservationists are scrambling to save them, but can’t protect every stand of woods. […]

The long-held belief that native people used fire to create a diverse landscape of woodlands, grasslands, heathlands, and shrublands in New England has led to a widespread use of prescribed fire as a conservation tool. Research by Oswald and colleagues indicates that these openlands actually arose following European contact, deforestation, […]

This 2009 photo provided by Sebastian Pfautsch shows a eucalyptus forest that burned during a 2009 wildfire in Victoria, Australia. As of early 2020, fires have consumed some 40,000 square miles of Australia this fire season and scientists say the effects on the nation’s forests could be long-lasting (Sebastian Pfautsch […]

View of the landscape from the BR163 highway, near Santarem, Para state, Brazil, in the Amazon rainforest in 2019 Deforestation in the Amazon rainforest in northern Brazil soared 85 percent in 2019, compared with the previous year, official data showed Tuesday. The 9,166 square kilometers (3,539 square miles) cleared was the highest […]

Global satellite imagery shows transitions occur quickly after blocks of forest are cut in half. University of Cincinnati geography researchers have identified a tipping point for deforestation that leads to rapid forest loss. Geography professor Tomasz Stepinski used high-resolution satellite images from the European Space Agency to study landscapes in […]

The Oregon plantation in October 2014, the second year of growth. Credit: T. Rosenstiel, Portland State University Field trials in the Northwest and Southwest show that poplar trees can be genetically modified to reduce negative impacts on air quality while leaving their growth potential virtually unchanged, says an Oregon State […]

As the world scrambles to combat deforestation, experts warn our efforts could have far fewer benefits than we think. PHOTOGRAPH: WANG HE/GETTY IMAGES This story originally appeared on Undark and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration. When most people conjure a forest, they imagine a dense network of trees, their crowns arching high […]