Credit: Florida International University Addressing policy “blind spots” that allow energy production and mineral exploration to trump environmental protection could help improve the outlook for conservation in the Amazon Basin, according to a new study. The production of new dams and the search for oil and natural gas, while often beneficial […]

Merrill Brook forest in Dartmouth’s Second College Grant, N.H. Photo by Matthew Ayres. A Dartmouth-led study examining carbon stocks in an actively managed mixed wood forest in New Hampshire finds that places with more trees have more carbon stored in both the trees and the soil. The findings, published in Forest Ecology and […]

The Paraguayan Chaco, South America’s second largest forest, is rapidly disappearing as agriculture extends deeper into what was once forest. Here, isolated stands of trees remain amid the farms. Credit: Joel E. Correia, CC BY-NC-ND The fires raging across the Brazilian Amazon have captured the world’s attention. Meanwhile, South America’s […]

Bellever Woods, Devon FORESTRY COMMISSION Tiffany Francis-Baker sits on a mossy tree trunk in the soft golden light of a woodland glade, discussing the role of forests in the British psyche. “The woods are a scary place often in old fairytale literature,” says the writer-in-residence at the Forestry Commission. “You […]

View from the top of a measurement tower, where researchers monitor critical forest canopy processes such as photosynthesis, plant water fluxes, leaf characteristics, and growth. Credit: Joao M. Rosa, AmazonFACE New study finds that insufficient nutrient supply has not been properly accounted for in ecosystem models. Agriculture, forestry, and other […]