Researchers have found a way to reduce earthquakes triggered by wastewater injection following oil and gas processes such as drilling and fracking. Credit: MIT Applied in the field, a new model reduced quakes from oil and gas processes; could help manage seismic events from carbon sequestration. When humans pump large […]

Researchers at the Stockholm Environment Institute (Somerville and Seattle, USA) and Earth Track, Inc. (Cambridge, MA, USA) examined 16 subsidies and environmental regulatory exemptions, providing one of the first estimates of how government subsidies will affect investment decisions for new gas fields in the coming decade. Their results are published today […]

A stainless steel mesh is at the heart of an electrically powered device that synthesizes ammonia. N. LAZOUSKI ET AL., NATURE CATALYSIS, 4 MAY 2020 As windmills and solar panels multiply, the supply of renewable electricity sometimes exceeds demand. Chemists would like to put the excess to work making commodity chemicals, […]

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A new study by two University of Toronto researchers is proposing a different way to think about tackling climate change—one that shifts focus away from emissions reductions in favor of eliminating fossil fuel energy altogether. The research is published in the journal Nature Climate Change. “Focusing only […]

The world is on track to produce 50 percent more fossil fuels than could be burned without increasing Earth’s surface temperature more than two degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels Oil, gas and coal output already planned or in the pipeline will overwhelm efforts to cap global warming at levels consistent […]