New study shows exactly how the manner in which mitochondria divide has remained the same since evolution began. Cellular origin is well explained by the “endosymbiotic theory,” which famously states that higher organisms called “eukaryotes” have evolved from more primitive single-celled organisms called “prokaryotes.” This theory also explains that mitochondria—energy-producing […]

The koloa is a “petite, buffy brown and charismatic duck,” similar to a female mallard. Credit: Christopher Malachowski, Oregon State University The endangered Hawaiian duck, or koloa, the only endemic duck remaining on the main Hawaiian Islands, is threatened with genetic extinction due to interbreeding with feral mallards. This has […]

Scientists have found there are likely millions of ways of storing biological information. But why does biology do it the way it does? Scientists computed a zoo of millions of alternate genetic polymer molecular structures, giving context for why biology encodes information how it does, and providing potential leads for […]