The proximity of hot springs to early settlements have led researchers to wonder if early humans used hot springs as a cooking resource long before fire. Credit: Tom Björklund Scientists have found evidence of hot springs near sites where ancient hominids settled, long before the control of fire. Some of […]

Rock-melting forces occurring much deeper in the Earth than previously understood appear to drive tremors along a notorious segment of California’s San Andreas Fault, according to new USC research that helps explain how quakes happen. The study from the emergent field of earthquake physics looks at temblor mechanics from the bottom up, […]

The distribution of spreading oceanic ridges, and oceanic plateaus or aseismic ridges in the world Credit: Science China Press   ENLARGE Generally speaking, ‘ridge subduction’ involves subduction of spreading oceanic ridges, aseismic ridges or oceanic plateaus and inactive arc ridges, and this common and important geological process has become one of […]

Sugarloaf is a delicate and intricate sugar-like mound made up of glacial sediments that have been eroded over time. Credit: University of South Australia It’s one of the best-known geological heritage sites around the world, filled with fossils and glacial secrets. Now, thanks to virtual reality technology, the ice-age past […]

The hybrid remotely-operated vehicle Nereus was used to collect seafloor samples, in addition to remotely operated vehicle Jason II, at Piccard vents at Mid-Cayman Rise. Credit: Jill McDermott Scientists analyzing hydrothermal fluid from Piccard vents at Mid-Cayman Rise find non-biological processes deplete hydrogen that was thought to be readily available […]

Coastal elevation in California. Coastal zones, which are defined to be those with elevations less than 10 m, are shown in red. Segments of the coast with elevations higher than 10 m are colored by a yellow gradient. Credit: USGS NED A majority of the world population lives on low […]