Left: Pluto image acquired by New Horizons spacecraft July 14, 2015. on  Right: Like Earth, the dwarf planet of Pluto has mountains. Like their earthly cousins, some of those peaks are covered in blankets of white. But the origins of these ice-like deposits are very different. According to new research published on […]

The stellar explosion, SN 1987A, located in the Large Magellanic Cloud, was one of the brightest supernovae in more than 400 years. Credit: ESO Discovery of iron-60 and manganese-53 substantiates supernova 2.5 million years ago. When the brightness of the star Betelgeuse dropped dramatically a few months ago, some observers […]

Central Alps of Switzerland have been lifted to today’s height. Credit: ETH Zurich ETH researchers have used a computer model to test a new hypothesis about the formation of the Alps while simulating seismic activity in Switzerland. This will help improve current earthquake risk models. For a long time, geoscientists […]

The prevailing theory has been that sea ice can act as a lid to keep carbon in the ocean from escaping back to the atmosphere. However, researchers at MIT have now identified a counteracting effect that suggests Antarctic sea ice may not be as powerful a control on the global […]

Nanolite ‘snow’ surrounding an iron oxide microlite ‘Christmas tree’. Even these small 50 nm spheres are actually made up of even smaller nanolites aggregated into clumps. Christmas has come early this year for these researchers. Credit: Brooker/Griffiths/Heard/Cherns In a new study of volcanic processes, Bristol scientists have demonstrated the role […]

Artist’s impression of the collision of two protoplanets. Credit: NASA/SOFIA/Lynette Cook International research team solves theory of how diamonds formed inside protoplanets. Geoscientists from Goethe University have found the largest extraterrestrial diamonds ever discovered – a few tenths of a millimeter in size nevertheless – inside meteorites. Together with an […]

Asteroid 4-Vesta is the second-largest body in the asteroid belt. Uranium-lead dating and other analytical methods tell researchers which meteorites come from Vesta and also when. Credit: NASA It is generally accepted that the inner region of the early solar system was subject to an intense period of meteoric bombardment […]

Bezymianny is an active stratovolcano on the Kamchatka peninsula in eastern Russia. Credit: GFZ For the first time, long-term photogrammetic series document the “life cycle” of a volcano. The analyses shows that volcanoes have a kind of memory. Volcanoes are born and die — and then grow again on their […]

The four largest moons of Jupiter in order of distance from Jupiter: Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. Credit: NASA/JPL/DLR The gravitational push and pull by Jupiter’s moons could account for more warming than the gas giant Jupiter alone. Jupiter’s moons are hot. Well, hotter than they should be, for being so […]

Rock-melting forces occurring much deeper in the Earth than previously understood appear to drive tremors along a notorious segment of California’s San Andreas Fault, according to new USC research that helps explain how quakes happen. The study from the emergent field of earthquake physics looks at temblor mechanics from the bottom up, […]