Researchers from UCI and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory are concerned that the unique topography beneath East Antarctica’s Denman Glacier could make it even more susceptible to climate-driven collapse. Credit: NASA UCI, NASA scientists assess ice sheet with potential to raise global sea levels nearly 5 feet. East Antarctica’s Denman Glacier has retreated […]

Rosie Bisset used specially-adapted drones to study the glaciers in the Andes ROSIE BISSET An Edinburgh university researcher has used drones to capture a bird’s-eye view of some of the highest glaciers in South America. Rosie Bisset is part of a project to map the Andes glaciers which are retreating […]

Inland Antarctic ice contains volumes of water that can raise global sea levels by several meters. A new study published in the journal Nature shows that glacier ice walls are vital for the climate, as they prevent rising ocean temperatures and melting glacier ice. Credit: Anna Wåhlin. Inland Antarctic ice […]

This almost cloud-free image, captured on February 11, 2020, by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission, shows the freshly broken bergs in detail. Credit: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2020), processed by ESA, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO The Pine Island Glacier recently spawned an iceberg over 300 sq km that very quickly […]

Researchers digging out the drill site after a three-day storm with winds reaching 50 knots. Drifts of snow accumulated up to five feet. Credit: David Holland, NYU and NYU Abu Dhabi Scientists Find Record Warm Water in Antarctica, Pointing to Cause Behind Troubling Glacier Melt A team of scientists has […]

An autonomous kayak surveys the ocean in front of the 20-mile-long LeConte Glacier in Alaska. The kayak measures ocean currents and water properties to study the underwater melting of the glacier and track meltwater as it spreads in the ocean. Credit: David Sutherland/University of Oregon Tidewater glaciers, the massive rivers […]