Highly porous programmable sponge for clean energy storage. Credit: Northwestern University Tremendous amounts of hydrogen and methane can be stored in nanoscopic pores. A research team led by Northwestern University has designed and synthesized new materials with ultrahigh porosity and surface area for the storage of hydrogen and methane for fuel cell-powered […]

Professor Jongmin Choi, Department of Energy Science & Engineering, DGIST. Credit: DGIST Successful development of photovoltaic commercialization technology with improved quantum dot efficiency. The cause for efficiency degradation in an actual operating environment has been identified, with proposal of material processing method for improving performance stability Expected to significantly contribute […]

All over Europe, renewable installations are often located in protected areas GETTY IMAGES Wind, solar and hydro power installations pose a growing threat to key conservation areas, say researchers. Researchers found that over 2,200 green energy plants have been built within the boundaries of the Earth’s remaining wilderness. They say […]

This tiny wing could someday be used in robots or devices to harvest solar energy. Credit: American Chemical Society In ancient Greek mythology, Icarus’ wax wings melted when he dared to fly too close to the sun. Now, researchers reporting in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaceshave made artificial wings that are […]

(Click Here for full view.) Graphic image of a thin film of protein nanowires generating electricity from atmospheric humidity. UMass Amherst researchers say the device can literally make electricity out of thin air. Credit: UMass Amherst/Yao and Lovley labs Renewable device could help mitigate climate change, power medical devices. Scientists […]

The Singapore Airshow was powered by solar panels From an emissions-reducing model jet that looks like something from a sci-fi movie to electric aircraft and sustainable fuel, the aviation industry is ramping up efforts to go green as consumer pressure grows. In an era when teen climate activist Greta Thunberg […]

An electron microscope image shows the semiconductor nanowires. These deliver electrons to metal nanoparticles, which turn carbon dioxide and water into methane. Credit: Baowen Zhou A new artificial photosynthesis approach uses sunlight to turn carbon dioxide into methane, which could help make natural-gas-powered devices carbon neutral. Methane is the main […]