Fig.1 Schematic image of fast ignition laser fusion utilizing relativistic effects of ultra-intense laser light A team of researchers at Osaka University has investigated a new method for generating nuclear fusion power, showing that the relativistic effect of ultra-intense laser light improves upon current “fast ignition” methods in laser-fusion research […]

Scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) achieved a technological breakthrough for solar cells previously thought impossible. The scientists successfully integrated an aluminum source into their hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) reactor, then demonstrated the growth of the semiconductors aluminum indium phosphide (AlInP) and aluminum gallium indium phosphide (AlGaInP) […]

A superconducting rotor has been successfully tested on an active wind turbine for the first time. The EcoSwing consortium designed, developed, manufactured a full-size superconducting generator for a 3.6 megawatt wind turbine, and field-tested it in Thyborøn, Denmark. They report their results in the IOP Publishing journal Superconductor Science and Technology. Corresponding author […]

Beiersdorf is creaming most other German companies with its climate targets German skincare group Beiersdorf, behind household-name brands like Nivea and Elastoplast, said Tuesday that all its operations would be powered by renewable electricity by the end of 2019. “All Beiersdorf sites worldwide have switched to electricity from renewable sources […]

Freestanding Microwire-Array Enables Flexible Solar Windows TSCs are emerging devices that combine the advantages of visible transparency and light-to-electricity conversion. One of the valuable prospective applications of such devices is their integration into buildings, vehicles, or portable electronics. Therefore, color-perception and flexibility are important as well as the efficiency. Currently, […]

Looking into the hard X-ray nanoprobe synchrotron chamber while measuring a response of an individual cuprous oxide particle to the exposure of carbon dioxide, water, and light. Credit: Tijana Rajh / Argonne National Laboratory Scientists devise new catalyst that uses light to turn carbon dioxide to fuel. The concentration of […]

Carbon intensity (lb CO2/MWh) for US power sector, 2001-2019. Credit: Power Sector Carbon Index, Scott Institute for Energy Innovation Engineers from Carnegie Mellon University’s Scott Institute for Energy Innovation have compiled carbon emissions for the U.S. electric power sector for the second quarter (Q2) of 2019 as part of the […]

Researchers from the University of Houston have reported a significant breakthrough in producing hydrogen and clean drinking water from seawater, one of the most abundant resources on earth. New catalyst efficiently produces hydrogen from seawater, holding promise for large-scale hydrogen production, desalination. Seawater is one of the most abundant resources […]