Coastal groundwater discharge can sometimes be seen at low tide as rivulets flowing into the ocean, as on this beach on Oahu. A global assessment found groundwater discharge plays a more significant role in ocean chemistry than had been thought. Credit: Jenny Bernier An invisible flow of groundwater seeps into […]

The colours on the thermal image show the different surface temperatures – the brighter the colour, the warmer. Surfaces are cooler where water is available for plants and can evaporate. Credit: HyWa/BOKU For eight years, an area in Luxembourg measuring about 300 square kilometers was under special surveillance. Research groups […]

Groundwater fed irrigation of Boro rice during the dry season in the Ganges-Brahmaputra Basin. Credit: Mohammed Shamshudda/Richard Taylor Fewer of the world’s large aquifers are depleting than previously estimated, according to a new study by the University of Sussex and UCL. Groundwater, the world’s largest distributed store of freshwater, plays […]