Credit: University of Michigan Dangerous airborne viruses are rendered harmless on-the-fly when exposed to energetic, charged fragments of air molecules, University of Michigan researchers have shown. They hope to one day harness this capability to replace a century-old device: the surgical mask. The U-M engineers have measured the virus-killing speed […]

Artificial intelligence needs to be developed with an ethical framework. Shutterstock/Alexander Supertramp The question of whether technology is good or bad depends on how it’s developed and used. Nowhere is that more topical than in technolgies using artificial intelligence. When developed and used appropriately, artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential […]

Credit: Shutterstock Synthetic marijuana, made from chemicals sprayed onto plant material, can have a range of effects and is thought to be more dangerous than natural marijuana. The drug, which is sometimes referred to as K2 or spice, has been linked to serious side effects, such as seizures and psychosis. But it’s difficult to […]