Isolated pancreas cells stained bright green are shown sitting in the wells of the transport “egg carton”. Aurelien Forget , Author provided We have developed “smart egg-carton” packages for transporting live human pancreas cells for transplantation to diabetic patients. The egg-cartons provide oxygen and allow physical separation to prevent damage and death […]

Biogenic manganese oxide-coated coir fiber collected from the coal mine drainage treatment system in Glasgow, Pennsylvania. Credit: Penn State Researchers at Penn State have developed a water filtration system that removes contaminants and reduces toxicity in hospital wastewater. Contaminants, including antibiotics, pharmaceuticals and steroids, are increasingly being detected in surface […]

The message from autistic activists is clear: “nothing about us without us”. Philosophographlux/flickr Autistic people have been routinely misunderstood, ignored, and excluded for decades – including from campaigns designed to promote awareness of autism itself. But this is beginning to change. Autistic self-advocacy organisations and autistic activists have long criticised […]

But there’s got to be a better way.CHS sufferers almost all wind up taking hot showers. DepositPhotos Marijuana is developing quite the reputation for relieving pain without the negative aspects of opioids and other medications, such as addiction or death by overdose. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. A New York Times report last week brings […]

Red Cross personnel and Papuans outside a damaged house at Kar in Papua New Guinea on Tuesday. Credit International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Another powerful aftershock hit Papua New Guinea this weekend as the recovery effort continues following February’s deadly magnitude 7.5 earthquake, with many thousands of people dependent on humanitarian […]

Dr Ralf Cord-Ruwisch (pictured) supervised Dr. Raffael Falvigny and Md Iqbal Hossein while they collectively invented the new wastewater treatment system. Credit: Murdoch University A new energy-efficient process developed at Murdoch University is set to revolutionise wastewater treatment by significantly reducing the industry’s electricity consumption. Dr. Ralf Cord-Ruwisch and Dr. Wipa Charles, […]