DEET may chemically ‘cloak’ humans from malaria-carrying mosquitos, rather than repel them. Since its invention during the Second World War for soldiers stationed in countries where malaria transmission rates were high, researchers have worked to pinpoint precisely how DEET actually affects mosquitos. Past studies have analyzed the chemical structure of the […]

A comprehensive global overview of cancer around the globe, concludes that progress in the fight against cancer is not only possible, but achievable. Third edition of Cancer Atlas highlights patterns and inequities in cancer burden around the world. The Cancer Atlas, 3rd edition, a comprehensive global overview of cancer around […]

The John Innes Centre will co-lead a pioneering research program investigating how a plant-based diet could prevent chronic illness. The Edesia: Plants, Food and Health Ph.D. program aims to advance understanding of plant-based nutrition from crop to clinic, initiating a step-change in nutritional research in the UK and addressing diet-related […]

Rodney Weber, a professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, stands in his lab alongside several consumer-grade 3D printers. Credit: Allison Carter Consumer-grade 3-D printers have grown in popularity in recent years, but the particles emitted from such devices can negatively impact indoor air quality and have […]