Stone tools found at the Dhaba site corresponding with the Toba volcanic super-eruption levels. Pictured here are diagnostic Middle Palaeolithic core types. Credit: Chris Clarkson New archaeological work supports the hypothesis that human populations were present in India by 80,000 years ago and that they survived one of the largest […]

This is a life-reconstruction of the 200-million-year-old dinosaur track-maker from Mount Morgan. Credit: Dr. Anthony Romilio The dinosaur in the cupboard under the stairs. The mystery surrounding dinosaur footprints on a cave ceiling in Central Queensland has been solved after more than a half a century. University of Queensland paleontologist […]

These Middle Eocene gastropod shells from Texas are just a small sample of the fossils in amateur paleontologist Christopher Garvie’s collection. The study leveraged Garvie’s fossils to study how past periods of climate change impacted mollusks along the Gulf Coast of the United States. Credit: Christopher Garvie About 55 million […]

A sharp-eyed collector spotted this translucent flint blade—crafted by hunter-gatherers about 8000 years ago—on a Dutch beach. MANON BRUININGA MONSTER, THE NETHERLANDS—On a clear, windy autumn afternoon last October, Willy van Wingerden spent a few free hours before work walking by the sea not far from the Dutch town of […]