NASA/GSFC/METI/ERSDAC/JAROS; U.S./JAPAN ASTER SCIENCE TEAM The sixth century was a rough time to be alive: Lower-than-average temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere triggered crop failure, famine, and maybe even the onset of bubonic plague. The ultimate culprit, scientists say, were two back-to-back volcanic eruptions—one in 536 C.E. and another around 540 C.E. The […]

Dating to the days of the dinosaurs, these volcanoes have slumbered underground for millions of years. Millions of years ago, a network of now-dormant volcanoes spread across central Australia (Image: © Shutterstock) A field of volcanoes in Australia dating to the days of the dinosaurs has slumbered deep underground for millions of […]

This popular trade route in the Aegean was a shipwreck graveyard in ancient times. (Image: © Anastasis Agathos/Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities/Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports) Ancient sailors courted adventure and risked death on the Aegean Sea. And now divers have discovered five of their approximately 2,000-year-old shipwrecks and a […]

Heracles inexpectatus on the forest floor, with three small wrens foraging at its feet. Brian Choo, Author provided Say hello to Heracles inexpectatus, a parrot the size of a human child. But don’t worry, you won’t meet one face to face. Our new discovery, published today, lived around 20 million years ago in […]

Divers discovered the remains of a temple in the now-underwater ancient Egyptian city of Heracleion. Credit: Christoph Gerigk/Hilti Foundation/Egypt Ministry of Antiquities Divers swimming through Heracleion, an ancient Egyptian city that’s now under water, have discovered a trove of artifacts, including the remains of a temple, gold jewelry, coins and […]

Roman finds include this jug and human remains, including six skeletons OXFORD ARCHAEOLOGY EAST Iron Age roundhouses, Roman burials and Saxon pottery have been discovered in a “hugely important and hitherto unknown settlement”. The seven month-long dig in Warboys in Cambridgeshire also uncovered “a rare example” of “early Saxon occupation […]

Archaeologists inspect the Neolithic site in Israel. Credit: Yaniv Berman/Israel Antiquities Authority Before it gets destroyed by a newly constructed highway, a 9,000-year-old Neolithic site just outside of Jerusalem is getting an exhaustive excavation, according to the Israel Antiquities Authority. The humans who lived there during the Neolithic (the last […]