Caribs hailed from the Northwest Amazon, and archaeologists long believed they never expanded north of the Lesser Antilles. Credit: Painting by John Gabriel Stedman Christopher Columbus’ accounts of the Caribbean include harrowing descriptions of fierce raiders who abducted women and cannibalized men – stories long dismissed as myths. But a […]

Scientists knew the impact happened; they just didn’t know where. An ancient impact scattered bits of glassy debris from Asia to Antarctica, but the resulting crater has long eluded detection. (Image: © Shutterstock) About 790,000 years ago, a meteor slammed into Earth with such force that the explosion blanketed about 10% of […]

The Lopez de Bertodano Formation, a fossil-rich area on the west side of Seymour Island, Antarctica. Credit: Northwestern University New evidence gleaned from Antarctic seashells confirms that Earth was already unstable before the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs. The study, led by NSF-funded researchers at Northwestern University, is […]

Church ruins from Norse Greenland’s Eastern Settlement. Credit: James H. Barrett Over-Hunting Walruses Contributed to the Collapse of Norse Greenland The mysterious disappearance of Greenland’s Norse colonies sometime in the 15th century may have been down to the overexploitation of walrus populations for their tusks, according to a study of […]

Archaeologists likened the coins to ‘Hanukkah gelt,’ though they look way better than chocolate. The 7 gold coins were found in a small broken jar near a pottery kiln, and may have been a potter’s personal piggy bank. (Image: © Liat Nadav-Ziv, Israel Antiquities Authority) As Hanukkah ended last week, […]