Artist Udo J. Keppler’s visualization of the long reach of John D. Rockefeller and his mega company, Standard Oil. Credit: Udo J. Keppler, Wikimedia Commons The world’s richest man and the world’s largest oil company dominated the petroleum market in Norway long before landmark finds on the Norwegian continental shelf […]

Repeated catastrophic ice discharges from western North America into the North Pacific contributed to, and perhaps triggered, hemispheric-scale changes in the Earth’s climate during the last ice age, new research published in Science reveals. The discovery provides new insight into the impact rapidly melting ice flowing into the North Pacific may have […]

A temple rises above the rainforest at the ancient Maya city of Tikal. Credit: David Lentz Maya imported zeolite and quartz to filter drinking water. Clean drinking water helped Tikal flourish, University of Cincinnati archaeologists say. Ancient Maya in the once-bustling city of Tikal built sophisticated water filters using natural […]

The Maya city of Tikal has famous temples—and also the world’s earliest zeolite-based water filtration system. KENDALLRITTENOUR/ISTOCK.COM The Maya city of Tikal is famous for its soaring palaces and temples. But something far more humble kept Tikal functioning: its water filtration system, the earliest known of its kind. Researchers recently […]

Martian meteorite NWA 7533 is worth more than its weight in gold. Credit: © NASA/Luc Labenne A meteorite that originated on Mars billions of years ago reveals details of ancient impact events on the red planet. Certain minerals from the Martian crust in the meteorite are oxidized, suggesting the presence […]

Every 200,000 to 300,000 years Earth’s magnetic poles reverse. What was once the north pole becomes the south, and vice versa. It’s a time of invisible upheaval. The last reversal was unusual because it was so long ago. For some reason, the poles have remained oriented the way they are […]

Researchers Graham Pearson (left) and Jesse Reimink examine conglomerate rocks in Nunavut. Analysis of the 15 kilograms of samples they collected revealed three small diamonds within the rocks—an unexpected find that sheds light on what geological conditions were like on Earth three billion years ago. Credit: University of Alberta The […]