The US wants a ‘Space Force’ to be the sixth branch of the US military. Shutterstock/Carlos Romero United States Vice President Mike Pence has confirmed overnight plans to create a “Space Force” as the sixth branch of the US military. He repeated comments from President Donald Trump, who had said that “American […]

The lawyer for the plaintiff successfully argued that sharing a 3D scan of a firearm on the internet was protected on free speech grounds. Shutterstock A landmark case in the United States has been settled out of court, giving gun rights advocate Cody Wilson the right to publish instructions on the […]

“I can’t understand why they couldn’t take the prestige of the academy into account when they decided on these changes,” says László Lovász, president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest. MTA.HU Today, Hungary’s parliament approved an amendment that makes it legally possible to transfer a large part of […]

It would take the average person 244 hours per year (6 working weeks) to read all privacy policies that apply to them. Shutterstock Australians are agreeing to privacy policies they are not comfortable with and would like companies only to collect data that is essential for the delivery of their […]

Philippines coral reef Underwater, Anilao, coral reef, tropical reef, marine life, Some of the fishing methods used in today’s small-scale fisheries are causing more damage to coral reefs than ever, a new UBC study has found. The study, conducted in the Philippines by the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries’ […]