Power station in South Africa. Credit: Therina Groenewald/Shutterstock As someone who has been working on climate change detection and its causes for over 20 years I was both surprised and not surprised that I was asked to write on this topic by The Conversation. For nearly allclimate scientists, the case is proven that humans […]

Prior research identified four distinct dating trajectories from 6th to 12th grade: Low, Increasing, High Middle School, and Frequent. In a new study published in the Journal of School Health, researchers found that adolescents who were not in a romantic relationship had good social skills and low depression, and fared better or equal to peers […]

Spikes in handgun purchases in 2012 after Sandy Hook and the re-election of President Obama have been linked to a 4% increase in firearm injury in California, a UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program (VPRP) study has found. The UC Davis School of Medicine study, published August 25 in Injury Epidemiology, assessed the sharp rise in […]

Hockey contributes a lot to activity levels compared to other sports. from shutterstock.com Teenagers who play organised sport only get seven minutes more physical activity per day, on average, than teenagers who don’t play any sport. Our research, published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, found organised sport […]