Ice loss from Antarctica and Greenland account for roughly a half-inch of sea level rise between 2003 and 2019. Using the most advanced Earth-observing laser instrument NASA has ever flown in space, scientists have made precise, detailed measurements of how the elevation of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets have changed over […]

A net loss of 600 billion tonnes from the Greenland ice sheet was enough to raise the global watermark 1.5 millimetres in 2019, about 40 percent of total sea level last year. The kilometres-thick icesheet that covers Greenland saw a near-record imbalance last year between new snowfall and the discharge […]

Researchers gathering data in a Siberian cave. Credit: University of Oxford Sea-Ice-Free Arctic Makes Permafrost Vulnerable to Thawing Permafrost is ground that remains frozen throughout the year; it covers nearly a quarter of Northern Hemisphere land. The frozen state of permafrost enables it to store large amounts of carbon; about […]