March 1, 2021 A large iceberg finally split from the Antarctic ice shelf, but another piece stubbornly hangs on. Antarctica’s Brunt Ice Shelf finally calved a large iceberg in February 2021, two years after rifts opened rapidly across the ice and raised concerns about the shelf’s stability. The break was first detected […]

TerraSAR-X pictured the new berg at 23:12 GMT on Saturday Radar satellites got their first good look at Antarctica’s new mega-iceberg over the weekend. The EU’s Sentinel-1 and Germany’s TerraSAR-X spacecraft both had passes over the 1,270-sq-km (490-sq-mile) block, informally named “A74”. Their sensors showed the berg to have moved rapidly […]

Sampling an iceberg during the Powell 2020 research expedition close to the “Juan Carlos I” Spanish Antarctic Base/José Abel Flores. Credit: University of Granada Antarctic iceberg melt could hold the key to the activation of a series of mechanisms that cause the Earth to suffer prolonged periods of global cooling, […]

New study unravels long-standing climate mystery and provides insight into how our planet may change in the future. Scientists claim to have found the “missing link” in the process that leads to an ice age on Earth. Melting icebergs in the Antarctic are the key, say the team from Cardiff […]

January 11, 2020. (Click here for high-resolution view.) Seawater has been cutting like a knife through A-68A, the enormous Antarctic iceberg drifting in the southern Atlantic Ocean. On January 11, 2021, the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) on the NOAA-20 satellite acquired this image showing the remainder of A-68A, […]

Robotic gliders will be used to gather measurements under and around the iceberg DAVID WHITE A team of scientists is being sent to the South Atlantic to study the giant iceberg A68a. The 3,900-sq-km behemoth is currently drifting offshore of the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia where it threatens to run […]

A massive iceberg named A-68A is on a long journey through the seas near Antarctica. Though largely empty, those waters do host some islands, most notably South Georgia Island. In recent weeks satellite images showed the iceberg heading right for South Georgia. That upcoming collision could have devastating consequences for […]

Visualization of the coupling dynamics of the ice layer and the turbulent convective motions in the water layer. 3D simulation for the bottom surface at 8oC and top surface at -10 C. Credit: Chao Sun A better understanding of iceberg melting and lake ice formation could provide new indicators of […]