DEET may chemically ‘cloak’ humans from malaria-carrying mosquitos, rather than repel them. Since its invention during the Second World War for soldiers stationed in countries where malaria transmission rates were high, researchers have worked to pinpoint precisely how DEET actually affects mosquitos. Past studies have analyzed the chemical structure of the […]

Homalictus terminalis is named so to indicate that, like many Fijian bees, it is nearing its limit and is at risk of climate-related extinction. Credit: James Dorey, Flinders University Bee biodiversity barometer on Fiji — New species described as environment changes The biodiversity buzz is alive and well in Fiji, […]

A natural, sustainable alternative to pesticides that targets specific pests, without harming beneficial pollinators such as honeybees, is being developed with the help of researchers from the Institute for Sustainable Food at the University of Sheffield. Working in collaboration with industry partner and leading agricultural company, Syngenta, experts at the institute are […]

The caterpillars form big clumps and nests on oak trees GETTY IMAGES Germany and the Netherlands are battling many infestations of oak processionary caterpillars, whose tiny toxic hairs can trigger allergic reactions and skin irritation. The mild winter and warm spring this year boosted caterpillar numbers. In Louvain, Belgium, firefighters […]