(Credit: Don Debold) Scientists from the University of Adelaide in Australia and Lund University in Sweden have developed a machine vision system based on how dragonflies track their prey. The system, designed with autonomous vehicles in mind, takes inspiration from a neuron in dragonfly brains that anticipates movement. Known as CSTMD1, […]


Butterfly Conservation says many UK species are declining in numbers BUTTERFLY CONSERVATION Butterflies in the UK are facing “a vital” period following a worrying decline in their numbers, naturalist Sir David Attenborough has warned. The TV broadcaster said some of the UK’s most common species have suffered “significant declines” in […]


In order to protect themselves from hungry herbivores, plants release a defense mechanism that makes them taste foul. Food-stressed caterpillars can be quick to resort to cannibalism PHOTOGRAPH BY BRIAN CONNOLLY Some plants have been found to use nature’s dog-eat-dog world to their advantage, forcing herbivores to become cannibals when […]