Depiction of the proposed system in a metropolitan city where quantum-secure information is transferred between two quantum nodes. Credit: Agheal Abedzahdeh (Duke University) Recent advances in quantum computers may soon give hackers access to machines powerful enough to crack even the toughest of standard internet security codes. With these codes […]

Scientists are now developing an ultra-fast quantum internet that will be partly based on light GETTY IMAGES Imagine super-fast computers that can solve problems much quicker than machines today. These “quantum computers” are being developed in laboratories around the world. But scientists have already taken the next step, and are […]


ROLAND BIRKE/GETTY IMAGES A YEAR AGO this week, Chinese physicists launched the world’s first quantum satellite. Unlike the dishes that deliver your Howard Stern and cricket tournaments, this 1,400-pound behemoth doesn’t beam radio waves. Instead, the physicists designed it to send and receive bits of information encoded in delicate photons of infrared light. […]


Quantum communication uses light to send crucial information SPL As malicious hackers mount ever more sophisticated attacks, China is about to launch a new, “unhackable” communications network – at least in the sense that any attack on it would be quickly detected. The technology it has turned to is quantum […]


A new study suggests that alien civilizations could be using artificial transits of their star to create an interstellar communication system. Credit: NASA/Tim Pyle Decades after Enrico Fermi’s uttered his famous words – “Where is everybody?” – the Paradox that bears his name still haunts us. Despite repeated attempts to […]

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BRUSSELS — European Union foreign ministers have agreed to prepare a joint response to cyberattacks in the 28-nation bloc, including imposing sanctions on offenders. The ministers said in a statement Monday that they would develop a “cyber-diplomacy toolbox” to respond to malicious activities online. They expressed concern at the “increased […]

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Cybersecurity firm FireEye has identified a new group of cyberattackers targeting Canadian organizations. A group of cyberattackers that has been targeting Canadian businesses in financially-motivated hacks since at least 2013 has been identified in a new report. Cybersecurity firm FireEye has dubbed the group of attackers as “FIN10” in a […]