There are several flow-on effects from the recent Facebook hack. ShutterstShock Facebook announced on Friday that its engineering team had discovered a security issue affecting almost 50 million accounts. Due to a flaw in Facebook’s code, hackers were able to take over an account and use it in the same way you […]

Tilted magnetic spirals and skyrmions in a vertical magnetic field. Credit: Scixel/TU Delft Magnetic skyrmions are magnetic swirls that may lead to new solutions combining low-energy consumption with high-speed computational power and high-density data storage, revolutionizing information technology. A team from Delft University of Technology, in collaboration with the University […]

Once it’s up and running, the main change for 5G users will be increased speed and reduced delay. Robin Worrall/Unsplash, CC BY Who will build Australia’s 5G mobile phone network? Not Chinese telecommunications infrastructure company Huawei, which was recently excluded from involvement via a statement from then acting Home Affairs Minister Scott Morrison […]

NASA hopes to reduce spacecraft communication lag times and broken connections by spreading internet across the solar system. (Credit: NASA) NASA is about to make it a little easier to check your Instagram in zero gravity. Two teams, Science Mission Directorate and Human Exploration and Operations, are working together to […]

JOE RAEDLE/GETTY IMAGES This story originally appeared on Grist and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration. You probably didn’t give much thought to how exactly you loaded this webpage. Maybe you clicked a link from Twitter or Facebook and presto, this article popped up on your screen. The internet seems magical and intangible sometimes. […]

In 1906, English statistician Sir Francis Galton observed the median answer of 800 participants trying to guess the weight of a cow was accurate within 1% of the correct answer. Mavis Wong/The Conversation NY-BD-CC When making tough decisions, humans have long sought advice from a higher power. In ancient times, […]

We need a simple system for categorising data privacy settings, similar to the way Creative Commons specifies how work can be legally shared. Shutterstock Data privacy awareness has recently gained momentum, thanks in part to the Cambridge Analytica data breach and the introduction of the European Union’s General Data Protection […]

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on May 25. Shutterstock Major personal data breaches, such as those that occurred recently at the Commonwealth Bank, Cambridge Analytica and Yahoo, have taught us how vulnerable our privacy is. Like the cigarette and alcohol markets, it took a long time to prove that poorly […]