The concentration of algae in two remote mountain lakes more than doubled in the past 70 years Global warming is turning clear mountain lakes green in the western United States because of an increase in algae blooms “without historical precedent”, researchers reported on Tuesday. The concentration of algae in two remote mountain […]

Credit: Tracey McNamara/Shutterstock New Zealand’s government has been praised for listening to health experts in its pandemic response, but when it comes to dealing with pollution of the country’s waterways, scientific advice seems less important. Today, the government released a long-awaited NZ$700 million package to address freshwater pollution. The new rules include higher […]

Lakeside living comes with a new premium: flooding and lots of uncertainty. A storm on Lake Michigan isn’t the same as a storm on the ocean: There are different atmospheric factors and water-flow patterns that determine its ferocity. Jentara/Deposit Photos A single road near Lake Superior connects Michigan’s Keweenaw Bay Indian […]